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Simple Widget Quiz made with Flutter

Widget Quiz

Even as adults, we love a good quiz. It’s like a mini-mystery to solve while we grab a cup of tea at break time. An interactive quiz is a great way to generate leads on your website, landing page, or social media. Therefore, we mention the Widget Quiz, which was totally created with Flutter. 

Flutter Widget Quiz, made for Flutter Create (Source code size is limited to 5KB).


Users will learn Flutter widgets more quickly using this application.

  1. Answer to Flutter widget quizez.
  2. You can jump to document if you like after answered to a quiz.
  3. After answering 10 quizez, the summary is shown.

Dart code size: 5,109 Bytes

This app was created for Flutter Create, which limits Dart code size to 5KB.

Confirmed by find ./lib -name "*.dart" | xargs cat | wc -c.


Answer to questions.
Correct answerafter
Jump to documentationResult summary


Not released officially yet, but you can run from the project or install via these links.


Written by James

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