The Best Books to learn Flutter for beginner

Best books to learn Flutter

Education has evolved a lot in the past few decades. And in today’s world, where almost 60% of the global population uses the Internet, it’s obvious that education has shifted online too. Every single topic you can imagine has tons of resources, tutorials, or courses available online. 

Flutter is a trending technology this year. Basically, Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. That’s why this article will suggest a collection of publications about Flutter for you. If you find another resource that we should add. 

If you are the one who still prefers learning programming from books, this post is for you. In this post, I will reveal “10 popular Best Books of all time about Flutter”.

1. Flutter in Action

One of the best books is Flutter in Action.

Flutter in Action teaches you to build awesome, full-featured mobile applications with Flutter. Author Eric Windmill walks with you every step of the way as you build apps that get you coding as you learn. With the engaging hands-on examples, you’ll create a basic user interface, learn about state management, and integrate a database with a Dart web app.

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2. Beginning Flutter: A Hands On Guide To App Development

Beginning Flutter: A Hands-On Guide to App Development is the essential resource for both experienced and novice developers interested in getting started with Flutter—the powerful new mobile software development kit. With Flutter, you can quickly and easily develop beautiful, powerful apps for both Android and iOS, without the need to learn multiple programming languages or juggle more than one code base. One of these best books walks you through the process step by step.


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3. Learn Google Flutter Fast: 65 Example Apps

Learn Google Flutter by example. Over 65 example mini-apps. Chapters Include: Three Chapters on Dart Language. Introduction to Flutter. Installing Flutter. Your first Flutter App. Dependencies & Packages. Introduction to Widgets & Composition. Stateless Widgets. Stateful Widgets. Basic Material Widgets. Multi-Child Widgets. Single-Child Widgets. App Scaffolding Widgets. Other Widgets. Builders. Routing & Navigation. Forms. Http, Apis, REST & JSON. Flutter with Http, Apis, REST & JSON. State. State & Stateful Widgets. State & InheritedWidgets. State & Scoped Model. State & BLoCs with Streams. Local Persistence. Mixins. Debugging & Performance Profiling. Change Detection, Keys & Rendering. Other Performance Considerations. Publishing Your App. Flutter Resources.


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4. Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework. It uses the Dart programming language, which was created by Google, and aims to make development easier, faster, and more efficient. This book is going to be your guide, from introducing Flutter to successfully developing a cross-platform application.

In the first few chapters, we will learn what Flutter is and how to get started with it. We will also take a dive into the widgets world, explore the widget catalog, and learn how to navigate through it. In the next few chapters, we will widen our horizons by learning about networking and accessibility with Flutter. We’ll learn what Silvers are and how to use them, and we’ll also learn how to use constraints and animations. Before we take a look at how to deploy our applications in Flutter, we will use Firebase for cloud messaging and remote configuration.


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5. Learning Dart – Second Edition

If you want to become a developer for the modern web, or wish to add Dart to your tool belt, then this book is for you. The book assumes you have basic HTML experience and know how web applications work. Some previous programming experience, preferably in a modern language like C#, Java, Python, Ruby or JavaScript, will give you a head start. You can work with Dart on your preferred platform, be it Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.


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6. The Dart Programming Language

Definitely a book for the computer scientist. Anyone with moderate familiarity with Java/C/Python can follow along with much of it. But then the author hits you with abstract syntax trees and deeply theoretical object-oriented concepts which may ruin your digestion.


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7. Cookbook

This cookbook contains recipes that demonstrate how to solve common problems while writing Flutter apps. Each recipe is self-contained and can be used as a reference to help you build up an application.


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8. Building Beautiful UIs with Flutter

Flutter is an open source SDK for creating high-performance, high-fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android. The Flutter framework makes it easy for you to build user interfaces that react smoothly in your app, while reducing the amount of code required to synchronize and update your app’s view.


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9. The Flutter YouTube Channel

have a full lineup of shows that cover the ins and outs of building apps with Flutter. the best practices show you exactly how to build beautiful native apps on both iOS and Android from a single codebase.


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10. Dart Essentials

This book is targeted at expert programmers in JavaScript who want to learn Dart quickly. Some previous experience with OOP programming in other languages and a good knowledge of JavaScript are assumed.


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Ultimately, I hope you will find among them the resources that are right for you.

Written by James

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