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Simple Note App using Hive and Flutter


Note-taking applications enable users to type, write, and draw on their devices just as they would on paper. Many applications have their own unique features, storage, organization, and sharing capabilities, and it’s up to the user to identify which note-taking application will work best for their needs.

A note-taking application that was tested and its features can be found here: A Simple Note App using Hive and Flutter. 

Basically, this is an old project I was working on when learning to use Hive, will start working on it full time and will be adding new features as soon as possible.

You can download the app from Play Store Here

Plugin’s Used

  1. Hive (To locally store Data)
  2. Toast (To display useful message)
  3. Path Provider
  4. upgrader (To alert users when app has a new update)
  5. Provider (For State management)
  6. Shared Preferences (To Persist some values)


Written by James

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