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Page Indicator like Instagram written for Flutter

scrolling page indicator

With the useful functions of scrolling, it is always used in any design. For example, an infinite scroll creates a linear structure that storytellers can leverage. As the reader scrolls the page, different layouts can be paired with subtle animation effects to build a rhythm that gets the user wondering “what will happen next.” One good example of this is Instagram, where the infinite scroll enhances the story (can be posted 10 posts in a post). 

View page indicator like Instagram.


Getting Started

  1. Dependency
  scrolling_page_indicator: ^0.1.2

  1. Install

flutter packages get

  1. Import
import 'package:scrolling_page_indicator/scrolling_page_indicator.dart';

  1. Use
    dotColor: Colors.grey,
    dotSelectedColor: Colors.deepPurple,
    dotSize: 6,
    dotSelectedSize: 8,
    dotSpacing: 12,
    controller: _controller,
    itemCount: items.length,
    orientation: Axis.horizontal


Written by James

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