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A simple notes app with offline and online backup for flutter

Take Notes Easily – scrawl

Nowadays, people do everything on their laptops and smartphones – from office work to consuming entertainment, staying in touch with friends, and setting reminders to pick up dry cleaning. Our personal lives revolve around our digital devices.  So, the notes app was born and helps users. Its obvious and unexpected features make Notes one of the most useful and powerful apps on your phone.

Basically, this notes app uses Nextcloud to store your backup. Assign labels, set colors for notes. Search your notes easily. You can even archive your notes.

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  • [x] Archive option
  • [x] Label notes
  • [x] Backup and Restore to Downloads folder
  • [x] Backup and Restore via Nextcloud
  • [x] Search notes
  • [ ] ‘scrawl’ Cloud Sync
  • [ ] Desktop Support
  • [ ] Web Support


Written by James

Simple and Beautiful Note-taking app written in dart with flutter UI toolkit

A flutter app that allows to create notes and sync them across different devices with the same account