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Simple and Beautiful Note-taking app written in dart with flutter UI toolkit


Currently, there are literally hundreds of note-taking apps on the market. In particular, a lot of them are awesome or at least provide good experiences for users. That’s why in this article we’ve talked about a simple and beautiful note-taking app for you. And this is a note-taking app written in Dart with the Flutter UI toolkit. 

Notes is a privacy-oriented, secure, beautiful, and fast application made in Flutter. It supports various features like adding and saving notes. Hiding notes with password security, archiving them. To make the UI look beautiful, it has various UI colors with the support of light and black themes. There are many awesome features here. What could be better than this?


Here are some features on display for you: 

  • Create and Save Notes
  • Export Notes as PDF file
  • Archive them to avoid clutter
  • Hide your Notes
  • Recycle Bin
  • Multiple UI colors
  • Backup and Restore option
  • Hidden notes are encrypted with AES encryption tied with your password.


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Written by James

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