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Wonderful Keeper App made in Flutter with SQLite database

Keeper App made in Flutter with Sqlite database

In the world of science and technology, people spend a lot of time on devices, and using note-taking apps or keeper apps has also become common. Note-taking applications enable users to type, write, and draw on their devices just as they would on paper. Many applications have their own unique features, storage, organization, and sharing capabilities, and it’s up to the user to identify which note-taking application will work best for their needs.

In this post, we will talk about a note-taking/ keeper app made in Flutter with SqLite database. And we will mention some of the concepts used here. 

Concepts used:

  • Sqlite database to store custom Note object.
  • Search Functionality
  • Staggered GridView


Screenshot 2keeper app
Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3


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Written by James

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