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A great and modern note-taking app built with Flutter

Notes App

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of note-taking apps on the market. A lot of them are awesome or at least provide good experiences. That’s why in this article we’ve mentioned an app for you.

This is an extremely neat and clean application, what could be better than this? And this is a note-taking application developed with Flutter. Be sure to leave a star  🌟


Here are some features of it.

  • Create notes: Create notes that store locally to device.
  • Edit notes: Edit notes that were previously created.
  • Lockable notes (WIP): Lock notes with a password.
  • Pinnable notes: Pin notes to the top of the list.
  • User stats: Stats for the user’s notes such as total notes, words written etc.
  • Search notes (FIX NEEDED): Filter out notes with the search bar.
  • Desktop Version (WIP): Supports desktop (MacOS currently, other platforms have not been tested as of now).


  • canton_design_system: Link to repository
  • persistent_bottom_nav_bar:
  • shared_preferences:
  • intl:
  • flutter_slidable:


  • [ ] Add Notebooks to store notes
  • [ ] Add Animations
  • [ ] Make app responsive
  • [ ] Face ID to unlock note
  • [ ] Add Firebase
    • [ ] GitHub Authentication
    • [ ] Google Authentication
    • [ ] Analytics


  • [ ] Fix sortList() method
  • [ ] Fix Create Password before creating note glitch




Written by James

A simple notes app written in Dart using Flutter

A simple notification notes app made with flutter