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Flutter package designed to select an item from a list

select_dialog Package

To select a random item from your list, this Package was developed to do just that. Furthermore, it’s ready to help you with the option filter and even look up the items on the internet.



select_dialog: <last version>


import 'package:select_dialog/select_dialog.dart';

simple example

String ex1 = "No value selected";

  label: "Simple Example",
  selectedValue: ex1,
  items: List.generate(50, (index) => "Item $index"),
  onChange: (String selected) {
    setState(() {
      ex1 = selected;


You must implement String, equals, and hashcode, as shown below in order to use a template as an item type:

class UserModel {
  final String id;
  final DateTime createdAt;
  final String name;
  final String avatar;

  UserModel({, this.createdAt,, this.avatar});

  String toString() => name;

  operator ==(o) => o is UserModel && == id;

  int get hashCode => id.hashCode^name.hashCode^createdAt.hashCode;



Written by James

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