A Flutter plugin for reading QR Codes with the camera

Flutter qrcode reader

flutter qr code plugin

QRCode Reader plugin for Flutter.

QR codes are very popular in some fields, such as marketing, education, and so on. Marketers have used this in billboards, magazines, web pages, and any other marketing material. It can provide more information about the product or service without sweat, and the information quickly goes to the user’s device.

Generally, QR codes promote interaction and engagement through the mobile phone.

With some advantages to QR codes, developers always deploy them. For Flutter, this is a Flutter plugin for reading QR Codes with the camera. 


import 'package:qrcode_reader/QRCodeReader.dart';

Future<String> futureString = new QRCodeReader()
               .setAutoFocusIntervalInMs(200) // default 5000
               .setForceAutoFocus(true) // default false
               .setTorchEnabled(true) // default false
               .setHandlePermissions(true) // default true
               .setExecuteAfterPermissionGranted(true) // default true

These options are Android only, this is the simplest way of plugin usage:

Future<String> futureString = new QRCodeReader().scan();


Written by James

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