Flutter feed timeline thread like a Facebook

Flutter feed thread example

Like the Facebook application, this is a Flutter Thread, Feed, Timeline like an example tutorial. In Flutter, there are threads, feeds, and timelines like in a Facebook tutorial. It totally provides for Android and IOS operating systems, which are very matching with your operating system.

iOS DeviceAndroid Device
The video below will be explaining the code, guide you through the detailed download code, and set it up step by step. 
  • Project Feature *
  • Realtime timeline
  • Push Notification
  • Post a text with Image
  • Change Profile information
  • Write a comment and reply the comment.

[!] Gradle does not have execution permission. You should change the ownership of the project directory to your user, or move the project to a directory with execute permissions. Gradle task assembleDebug failed with exit code 1 Exited (sigterm)


chmod a+rx android/gradlew

command in terminal.


Written by James

A package to help build customizable timelines in Flutter

A simple timeline editor for flutter