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Flutter buttons for social platforms

Auth Buttons

Flutter widget library containing buttons for authenticating with popular social networks: Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.



Add flutter_auth_buttons to your pubspec.yaml, then import the Dart file:

import 'package:flutter_auth_buttons/flutter_auth_buttons.dart';

Use the onPressed attribute to capture the button press and call your authentication logic within that. To disable
the button, pass null or omit the attribute.

FacebookSignInButton(onPressed: () {
  // call authentication logic

Some buttons have a dark mode. Enable this with the optional parameter:

  onPressed: () {/* ... */}, 
  darkMode: true, // default: false

You can adjust the border-radius of the buttons:

  onPressed: () {},
  borderRadius: 10.0,


Written by James

A flutter package for creating a slider button widget