Flutter app for managing study snap materials in form of photos


Written with Flutter, Study Snap is a multi-platform mobile application designed to help students. It gives the best way to transfer all of their study material photographs from their gallery applications to well-organized. In the app, users defined topic albums or take a photo in one of them. Besides, It keeps their galleries cleaner, more organized, and easier to maintain with only personal photos. Gallery applications are not a good match for school/university subject/topic divided photos because they are built for personal everyday photos preserved in a chronological format.

That is precisely the goal of Study Snap, it is specifically built for saving photos divided in subjects and nested topics hierarchy by well organized and much easier to find and read. You have to remember, when a photo is uploaded to Study Snap, it is free to be deleted from the gallery. But, do not worry too much because Study Snap keeps a separate copy of it in your internal storage.


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Written by James

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