Floor and wall covering calculator with flutter

Floor and wall covering calculator

This is the application of a floor and wall covering. 

This technology allows people to solve complicated problems quickly and in an efficient manner.

Built for the subject of Mobile Programming, created by Kleber de Oliveira Andrade. Application of a floor and wall covering has already been used.


Class Challenge

  • Add a new attribute (price) in the FloorModel class and a new numeric field in CalculatorPage for the user to enter the price;
  • Create a function to calculate the price in the Controller class and display the result in the ResultDialog;
  • Validate the input fields for when the user enters negative or zero values;
  • Create a function to clear (reset) the form fields;
  • Create an icon for the application (flutter_launcher_icons plugin, icon generator. Example of how to insert images in the flutter, click here.


Written by James

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