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An note app made with flutter for taking notes


There are so many note-taking apps for users to choose from! These note-taking apps can help you in all aspects of life, socially, at work, and during study. This is the best application made with flutter for taking notes.

This is a new Flutter project for us.

Using this app one can do many things such as:
1. Create Notes
2. View Notes
3. Add content to previous notes
4. Scroll through notes
5. Delete Notes
6. Undo delete

Getting Started

This project serves as the foundation for a Flutter application.

If this is your first Flutter project, here are a few resources to help you get started.

For help getting started with Flutter, view our
online documentation, which offers tutorials,
samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.


main page
add new_info to your note
Scroll-view_for going through notes
delete-dismissed by left swipe
delete-dismissed by right-swipe
Snackbar showing Undo option


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Written by James

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