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A weather app built to learn how to use Canvas and Animation in Flutter


To learn how to use Canvas and Animation by Alessandro Aime, Weather app is a great way.

Quick Disclaimer

I removed my private OpenWeather API key from the repo, if you want to get the weather forecast use your own in the openweather_api.dart file (more info at

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I started from scatch with Flutter and Dart two weeks ago, a refactoring is needed due to the ugliness of the current code since my primary goal is to learn them.

The goal of this weather app (currently simply the login page) is to learn how to use Flutter’s Canvas and Animation.

It all started from an inspirational mockup two days ago, and here’s the current result:

comparison weather app

The background has been entirely coded (see header_painter.dart) except for the deer image, which has been temporarily appended using the Stack widget rather than painting it.


Written by James

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