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A tinder like interface for choosing Travel Destination

Swipe Cards In Flutter

Choosing a travel destination can be quite challenging. Sometimes, you can’t decide where to travel to next and need a little bit of help. However, you can easily narrow your choices down with a thoughtful approach. Considering basic concerns, like what you and everyone else coming along enjoys doing, is an important first step. A feature that supports dealing with this problem is a feature that is a Tinder-like interface. With this tutorial, you can easily learn more about these choices.

Essentially, this project implements Tinder’s card-switching swiping feature in a flutter. We have the option of swiping left and swiping right. With this beautiful-looking Ui, I’ve shown several Hill Station elements. We can acquire information about any location by tapping the card, which brings us to the next page.

travel destination

Getting Started

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Written by James

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