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A simple notes app written in Dart using Flutter


If you’re a college student or officer, keeping your notes (and yourself) organized can become increasingly difficult with every class, job, project, or other tasks that gets added to your to-do list. With everything you have to remember to do and all the classes you have to study for, those random docs, that pile of sticky notes on your desk, and those messy notebooks may not be enough to help you keep track of everything.

If you need a better way to stay organized, one application I recommend you have is a note-taking app on your device. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of note-taking apps on the market. A lot of them are awesome or at least provide good experiences. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, a simple notes app written in Dart using Flutter framework.


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To compile this application, simply clone the repo and run the following command:

flutter build <package-type> --target-platform <platform> --split-per-abi

  • Package types can be : apk or aab
  • Platforms can be : As supported by Flutter for e.g. android-armandroid-arm64 etc. If no platform is specified, flutter will default to all platforms supported at the moment.
  • If --split-per-abi argument is not provided, Flutter will generate a fat package which will be larger in size but will support all platforms.


You can simply import this project into your Android Studio or VS Code. Follow official instructions to set up SDKs required for development if not done already.

Written by James

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