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A scrolling digital animation widget for flutter


Scroll-triggered animation is a super-effective way to animate website elements such as text, graphics, photos, and video, bringing them to life as you scroll down a page. Scroll animations are more likely to grab a user’s attention, making websites look and feel more dynamic and interesting.

A real-time scrolling digital animation widget that may show the amount of animation and the number of users online. Any number that requires animation effects is simple and straightforward to use, and it ensures that the quantity of calculation is accurate.

This is an irreplaceable function of a scrolling digital animation widget



AnimatedDigitController _controller = AnimatedDigitController(520);

  controller: _controller,
  textStyle: TextStyle(color: Color(0xff009668)),
  fractionDigits: 2,
  enableDigitSplit: true,

// 累加一个数字 | increment 

// 重置一个数字 | reset



AnimatedDigitController _controller = AnimatedDigitController(520);
_controller.addValue(1314); // 1834


AnimatedDigitController _controller = AnimatedDigitController(520);
_controller.resetValue(1314); // 1314


Written by James

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