A Reflectly inspired slideshow create using Flutter

Reflecty Slideshow

First impressions matter and the way you present your stories can have a big impact on how it’s perceived. A Reflectly inspired slideshow designed using Flutter will bring many emotions. You will have a special experiment based on this slideshow. 

If you’re in the market for something that can organize and play your media in an engaging and professional presentation, then a slideshow a reflectly inspired slideshow developed with Flutter might be a good option. 


Setup Project

git clone
cd Reflecty-Slideshow
flutter packages get

Setup Firebase

Firebase in this project is very important. Because this project depends on Firebase to convey stories. Moreover, Firebase allows us to use streams so stories can update stories and see the changes instantly even without restarting/reloading the application. To make this project work, you’ll need to follow the instructions here.

From your projects Firebase dashboard, click ‘Database’ and select Firestore. Add a new collection named ‘stories’. Add a new document with the following structure…


Fill in the above form with the appropriate data. Document ID can be left alone since it is a auto-id field.

Run project

flutter run


Written by James

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