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An Amazing Quiz App With Timer In Flutter


Society increasingly is changing. People constantly develop a lot of amazing inventions. One of those resources is quizzes! 

Not only are quizzes fun for people, but they are also a form of entertainment as they don’t feel like a traditional activity. Besides, quizzes raise confidence. Well-targeted, tailor-made quizzes can boost self-esteem and confidence. When people can challenge themselves but are able to succeed, their confidence can grow.

This is a quiz app with a timer in Flutter. Have fun and enjoy it. 

To begin with, Quiz App, let’s check some features of it. It is a Complete in FLUTTER using a lot of features such as

  • Multiple Screens
  • Timer (30 sec By Default)
  • Button Color Changes On Click
  • Result Page
  • Questions From JSON
    And a lot more…

Changelog/Commit 01

  1. Updated Descriptions
  2. Added JSON Files to Open for Diffrent Cards / Languages
  3. Fixed The Code for Checking Answers..


Written by James

Simple Widget Quiz made with Flutter

Amazing Quizzler App for iOS and Android