A Password Manager built using Flutter


The first open-source Password Manager 

A password manager is a computer program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords for local applications and online services. A password manager offers convenience and, more importantly, helps you create better passwords, which makes your online existence less vulnerable to password-based attacks. Cipherly is the first open-source Password Manager developed using Flutter!

Cipherly is a Flutter-based password manager that uses AES encryption. Cipherly stores passwords in a secure manner and secures them with AES encryption.

A Master Password is used to encrypt the passwords and it can be only decrypted using it. 

Features to add

  • [x] Basic Password Store
  • [x] Encrypt Decrypt Password
  • [x] Encrypt using Master Password as Key
  • [ ] Add default social networks like Facebook, Google, etc.
  • [x] Add custom passwords
  • [ ] Generate Random Password
  • [ ] Password Strength Checker
  • [ ] Add Search
  • [ ] Add Fingerprint or Custom Pin Lock to secure all passwords


Written by James

A textField widget to help display different style pin

A Flutter package for iOS and Android for showing a passcode input screen