A new Flutter package project for simple and awesome dialogs


Flutter has a powerful and flexible system for creating UIs. 

For basic and gorgeous dialogs, this new Flutter package project provides for you. 


To use this package, add awesome_dialog as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.
And add this import to your file.

import ‘package:awesome_dialog/awesome_dialog.dart’;




AwesomeDialog(context: context,
            dialogType: DialogType.INFO,
            animType: AnimType.BOTTOMSLIDE,
            tittle: 'Dialog Title',
            desc: 'Dialog description here..................................................',
            btnCancelOnPress: () {},
            btnOkOnPress: () {}).show();

Custom Body

The body of the dialogues will be created here. When the body is specified, the title and description are ignored, this allowing the conversation to be further customized.

            context: context,
            animType: AnimType.SCALE,
            dialogType: DialogType.INFO,
            body: Center(child: Text(
                    'If the body is specified, then title and description will be ignored, this allows to further customize the dialogue.',
                    style: TextStyle(fontStyle: FontStyle.italic),
            tittle: 'This is Ignored',
            desc:   'This is also Ignored',
            btnOkOnPress: () {},

Custom Button

To use custom buttons, just specify the buttonOk or btnCancel widget, all text parameters icon etc will be ignored.

Dissmiss and Callback

AwesomeDialog has onDissmissCallback() and can be dissmissed at any time using dissmiss() public method.


Written by James

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