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A Markdown-based note-taking app with flutter


One thing is certain: writing things down on paper all well and good, but in an age where society is increasingly reliant on technology, there are many apps that allow us to take notes directly on our devices.

These apps can help you ensure you never forget a flash of creative inspiration. Storing your thoughts, ideas and concepts electronically keeps them safe, secure, and, best of all, searchable so that you can find them quickly when you need to.

With flutter, a note-taking app that uses Markdown was developed. This note-taking app is totally based on Markdown and brings an amazing experience. 


There is something very special about its features. Here, there are many outstanding features listed by us. Let’s look at it objectively.

  • Markdown-optimized editor with syntax highlighting
  • Supports Github Flavored Markdown, AsciiMath, KaTeX and mermaidjs for diagrams
  • Tags for organizing your notes
  • Pin, Star and sort your notes by title or different dates
  • Very themable – dark/light mode and accent color
  • Full-text search
  • File Attachments that can be embedded into a note
  • Multi-Note Editing
  • Slide actions for easier editing
  • Tutorial notes which explain how to use the app





Written by James

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