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A great giphy picker for flutter


A lot of images can be made in order to capture the attention of people. One of them is the use of animated gifs. These are file formats that will enable users to utilize a series of frames then combine them in such an order that will eventually form some sort of animation

You can pick animated GIF images. This plugin will support you.


Getting Started

First, you need to register an app at the Giphy Developers Portal in order to retrieve an API key.

Pick a GIF:

import 'package:giphy_picker/giphy_picker.dart';

final gif = await GiphyPicker.pickGif(
                  context: context, 
                  apiKey: '[YOUR GIPHY APIKEY]');

Display a GIF using the GiphyImage widget. The following snippet demonstrates how to render a GIF in its original format:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return GiphyImage.original(gif: gif);

Alternatively, load and display the GIF image using the Image widget:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      headers: {'accept': 'image/*'}))


This plugin depends on the giphy client.


Written by James

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