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A flutter Package to show custom alert Dialog

Fancy Flutter Alert Dialog

To show custom alert Dialog, a flutter Package completely supports you in performing this. In addition, you can totally choose between two themes, ‘Fancy’ and ‘Flat’ for your own. 

At present, the package is available in fancy_dialog. 


Import the Package

add this dependencies to your app
dependencies: fancy_dialog: ^1.0.1

Use the Package

add this import statement
import 'package:fancy_dialog/fancy_dialog.dart';

to show a Basic Dialog

              context: context,
              builder: (BuildContext context) => FancyDialog(
                title: "Fancy Gif Dialog",
                descreption: "This is descreption for fancy gif,you can load any image or gif to be displayed :), and you can choose between two themes Fancy and Flat",

the title and descreption are required
and the rest of the parameters are :

  • okFun : the function to be called when the user press Ok button (positive button)
  • cancelFun : the function to be called when the user press cancel button (negative button)
  • cancelColor : the color of the negative button, by default it’s Colors.grey
  • oklColor : the color of the positive button, by default it’s
  • ok : the text of the positive button, by default it’s ‘OK !’
  • cancel : the text of the negative button, by default it’s ‘cancel’
  • animationType : The type of the animation, there are 4 types,which are :
    • FancyAnimation.LEFT_RIGHT the default one
    • FancyAnimation.RIGHT_LEFT
    • FancyAnimation.TOP_BOTTOM
    • FancyAnimation.BOTTOM_TOP
  • gifpath : the path for the image or the GIF to be displayed,or you can choose between 6 Gifs the package provides :
    • FancyGif.MOVE_FORWARD the default one
    • FancyGif.CHECK_MAIL
    • FancyGif.FUNNY_MAN
    • FancyGif.PLAY_MEDIA
    • FancyGif.SUBMIT
    • FancyGif.SHARE
  • theme : Fancy or Flat
    • FancyTheme.FANCY
    • FancyTheme.FLAT

The dialog will be dismissed by default when the user clicks Ok or cancel, DON’T ADD
Navigator.of(context).pop() to okFun or cancelFun

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Written by James

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