A Flutter package to easily create an awesome Credit Card in your application

Awesome Credit Card

From meager beginnings in the 1920s, the credit card market has exploded over the years, thanks in large part to the computerization of society. 

Beyond the ease of use and added security, credit cards can also help you build a solid credit history. And you can totally create a credit card in your application. This Flutter package helps you easily create a credit card in your application. It is ready to help you start. Find more information about the installation steps below. 

Awesome- Credit Card

⚙️ Installation

Import the following package in your dart file

import 'package:awesome_card/awesome_card.dart';


👨‍💻 Usage

Use the Awesome Card Widget

    cardNumber: "5450 7879 4864 7854",
    cardExpiry: "10/25",
    cardHolderName: "Card Holder",
    cvv: "456",
    bankName: "Axis Bank",
    showBackSide: false,
    backBackground: CardBackgrounds.white,
    showShadow: true,

For more detail on usage, check out the example provided.


Written by James

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