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A Flutter package for iOS and Android for showing a passcode input screen

Flutter – Passcode Lock Screen

Nowadays, the password has taken on a role as a vital part of our lives. It appears to help secure private information and important pieces of information. Furthermore, it helps us avoid the attack of information crimes. In the increasingly developed society of the 4.0 era like now, especially the information technology system, high-tech crimes are more and more common. Therefore, we must increase security by using a passcode. This is a Flutter package for iOS and Android that shows a passcode input screen similar to Native iOS. Let’s begin to check it. 

passcode input screen


First add passcode_screen as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Then use import like this one:

import 'package:passcode_screen/passcode_screen.dart';

What can it do for you?

  1. Create a beautiful passcode lock view simply.
  title: title,
  passwordEnteredCallback: _onPasscodeEntered,
  cancelLocalizedText: 'Cancel',
  deleteLocalizedText: 'Delete',
  1. Passcode input completed callback.
_onPasscodeEntered(String enteredPasscode) {

  1. Notify passcode screen if passcode correct or not
final StreamController<bool> _verificationNotifier = StreamController<bool>.broadcast();

_onPasscodeEntered(String enteredPasscode) {
  bool isValid = '123456' == enteredPassword;

Don’t forget to close a stream

void dispose() {

  1. Customize UI.

Customize circles

class CircleUIConfig {
  final Color borderColor;
  final Color fillColor;
  final double borderWidth;
  final double circleSize;
  double extraSize;

Customize keyboard

class KeyboardUIConfig {
  final double digitSize;
  final TextStyle digitTextStyle;
  final TextStyle deleteButtonTextStyle;
  final Color primaryColor;
  final Color digitFillColor;
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry keyboardRowMargin;
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry deleteButtonMargin;


iOS & Android

Plugin is totally platform agnostic. No configuration is required – the plugin should work out of the box.


Written by James

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