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A date-time picker in the flutter


A date-time picker in the flutter is a UI component that makes it easier to help people quickly select dates, times,.. etc. It is very useful and important in your application. Here is a date-time picker inspired by a Cupertino-date-picker. It will provide you with a lot of abilities to set dates or times.
Besides, you utterly can choose to pick a date, time, or date in some languages such as English, Dutch, or Chinese, and you can even customize the content of your own picker by your way.

Date pickerTime pickerDate & Time picker (Chinese)Date & Time picker (English-America)Date & Time picker (Dutch)


To do this, follow the steps below:

    onPressed: () {
                              showTitleActions: true,
                              minTime: DateTime(2018, 3, 5),
                              maxTime: DateTime(2019, 6, 7), onChanged: (date) {
                            print('change $date');
                          }, onConfirm: (date) {
                            print('confirm $date');
                          }, currentTime:, locale: LocaleType.zh);
    child: Text(
        'show date time picker (Chinese)',
        style: TextStyle(color:,


Written by James

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