A beautiful weather forecasting app built with Flutter

Flutter Weather

We can’t control whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring, but these handy Android and iOS apps can help us prepare for what weather nature going to come. When weather nature is in a bad mood it helps to keep an eye on what’s happening in the sky. One of the most important tools for that is a mobile weather app.

A decent weather app can help you decide whether you should bring an umbrella to work or prepare for more severe weather.
You can do this anytime and anywhere you want with a weather app.

Aside from a good idea or a really beautiful interface, an attractive app design is also very significant. When it comes to weather apps, especially, the app must be both visually appealing and accurate. Here is a beautiful weather forecasting application built with the Flutter development kit.

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the screen of weather app

Run Application

This project uses Nx. Go here for installation instructions.



nx run mobile_flutter:runDev


nx run mobile_flutter:runProd


nx run web_ng:serve


Written by James

Amazing Weather App for the Azores in flutter

Flutter and WeNowAPI are used to implement a simple and beautiful weather forecast app