A beautiful password manager built using Flutter


A beautiful, encrypted password manager, build using Flutter and Dart.

Some studies have shown that passwords are the types of passwords most often forgotten. Furthermore, we discovered that searches for “how to reset email passwords” were the top ones in the US,  in the UK, in Australia. For some causes, people often have trouble remembering the password and have to learn how to reset it when required. That is the reason why people need a password manager. With that tools, people can easy to manage their passwords in Gmail, social networking, and always control information under some important platform. So, a gorgeous, encrypted password manager, built using Flutter and Dart can support you. Check it out below.


  • Fully encrypted using AES-256-CTR (including the database stored on-device)
  • Support for TOTP
  • Secure Password Generation (Diceware and Random)
  • A really nice UI
  • Really compact database, allowing for efficient disk operations (Thanks to MsgPack)
  • Desktop Support (Beta)


Nothing is complete without screenshots



  • Install Flutter
  • Switch to the master channel: flutter channel master
  • Run flutter upgrade
  • Clone the repository


  • Connect your device / emulator to your computer
  • flutter run


  • Connect your device / simulator to your computer (only macs are supported)
  • flutter run


  • See hover’s build instructions here


Written by James

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