A 3D Bottom Navigation Bar in Flutter


A 3D BottomNavigationBar inspired by Dribbble design by Dannniel.

flip_box_navigation bar_ 3d bottom

Example Use

  // In Scaffold
  bottomNavigationBar: FlipBoxBar(
          items: [
            FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(, text: Text("Map"), frontColor:, backColor: Colors.blueAccent),
            FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.add), text: Text("Add"), frontColor: Colors.cyan, backColor: Colors.cyanAccent),
            FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.chrome_reader_mode), text: Text("Read"), frontColor:, backColor: Colors.orangeAccent),
            FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.print), text: Text("Print"), frontColor: Colors.purple, backColor: Colors.purpleAccent),
            FlipBarItem(icon: Icon(Icons.print), text: Text("Print"), frontColor:, backColor: Colors.pinkAccent),
          onIndexChanged: (newIndex) {


Written by James

A library of Flutter to add a new style in the navigation bar

Displays a scrollable timeline with custom child widgets and custom icons